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重要なお知らせ 管理システムへの不正アクセスによる個人情報流出の可能性とフィッシングサイトに誘導するメッセージ配信についてのお知らせ。

このたび、弊社において利用しているBooking.com社が提供する宿泊予約情報管理システム(以下、管理システム)が不正アクセスを受け、Booking.com経由から「RANDOR HOTEL」を予約された一部のお客様に対して、フィッシングサイトへ誘導するメッセージが配信されたことを確認しました。




We have confirmed that the accommodation reservation information management system (hereinafter referred to as "management system") provided by, which is used by our company, has been illegally accessed, and that some customers who have made reservations at "RANDOR HOTEL" via have received a message that leads them to a phishing site. We have confirmed that some customers who made reservations at RANDOR HOTEL via received a message that directed them to a phishing site.

In addition, it is possible that a third party may have viewed the personal information of customers stored in our management system.

We do not use e-mails or chats on our reservation site to ask for credit card information or to prompt payment.

You should not inadvertently access any file or link attached to an e-mail from and contact or the hotel if you do not recognize the content.

Please note that we have sent a reminder message to customers who have received the above message from us.

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